Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Plan

Today, I was eating my lunch of leftover Angel Hair Pasta with Eggplant-Tomato Sauce outside and realized that I was sitting on the same bench that I sat on over three years ago when I came to visit campus for the first time, staring at roughly the same view I had then.

I was at a point of decision then, much like I am today. Last time I left you, I was on my way to Seattle to find out what might await me there. Here's what happened: I walked around a lot, I went swing dancing with friends, I talked to a few wise people, and I found a position on a church planting team :)

Now, when I say "position," don't think of anything that pays money, because it doesn't. The way that my denomination now does church planting requires the church planter to come up with a majority, if not all, of their money on their own. "The Plan" as it stands right now is to stay in New Orleans until December and then move to Seattle in January after I have had time to raise some funds. Once I'm in Seattle, I'll find a job in a coffee shop or other place where I can plug myself in to community life. I will keep you updated on specifics as soon as I know specifics.

Since June 1, it's been a weird, winding journey. I didn't have a position, and then I found one in a way that was unexpected. I thought I had things financially worked out, and then I didn't. Every day brings something new and different, and "The Plan" gets tweaked a little with every new piece of information. There are days that I'm frustrated and just want to cry, and then there are days when optimism abounds. The church planters I met in Toronto weren't kidding when they warned us that church planting makes people feel bi-polar.

Yesterday, a friend reminded me of a song that they sing at preview weekends and special events at my school. I think that it expresses the attitude that I pray that I maintain no matter how many times "The Plan" changes.

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Sarah said...

Love the video and love you, friend! I'm glad I got to see you even if it was for just a minute! Keep me posted as you "Follow the Lord!" (PS- Yes that is super cheesy, but I said it any way! You know what I meant. We both know that I am not the one that is good with my words!)