Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Friday

I've been concentrating on the future so much lately I feel like I have forgotten to celebrate the present (or in today's case, the recent past). So, in that spirit, here are some pictures from my recent vacation to Seattle and my hometown. 

It wouldn't be a trip to Seattle without going to the University District Farmers' Market. I used to walk there every Saturday to do some shopping and enjoy the atmosphere. 
I was excited that I chance to wear my cute cold-weather socks while I was in Seattle since I never get to wear them in New Orleans. I sent this picture to my wonderful friend who bought them for me.
While walking to lunch one day, I came across this little guy. He wasn't shy at all. He saw me and kept on drinking, giving me a chance to take several blurry photos.
Aww...Stumptown Coffee. I heart you too.
After Seattle, I went home for a few days. My parents took me to the lake one afternoon. Here's my mom looking beautiful as always.
We spent at least five minutes watching this squirrel near the lake. I'm still not totally convinced  it was a squirrel since it's face was so weird.
I snuck into the honors center at my alma mater and sat in the courtyard for a little while. I was happy to see that "The Little Scholar" is still holding down the fort.
The Monday after I got home, my office had a belated birthday party for me. I got to participate in the amazing New Orleans tradition of having dollar bills pinned on me to celebrate. I racked up enough money to eat out :)

Happy Friday!

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