Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy (Belated) Anniversary

My parents have been married 30 years this year! 

Today, we are talking about our families of origin in class. Sitting there listening to everyone, I realized how lucky I am to have two wonderful parents. Here are some things I appreciate about them:

  • They promised my sister and I very early that they would never get divorced, and they stuck to that promise.
  • They made sure that we spent time together as a family. Looking back, those discussion of the dinner table and family vacations have been some of my favorite memories.
  • They have both gone above and beyond their parental duties to make sure that I succeed in life.
  • They loved me unconditionally, even when I wasn't very loveable (a.k.a. the teenage years). 
  • They instilled many traits that I value today: humility, loyalty, confidence, and a sense of humor, just to name a few.
Mom and Dad, I love you and I wish you another wonderful 30 years.