Friday, August 21, 2009

Oh, Seattle

It's taken me almost a month, but it finally hit me tonight. I miss Seattle. I mean, I really miss Seattle. I miss the wonderful people that made it home, the quirky neighborhoods that I didn't explore quite enough, and certain restaurants that don't have an equivalent anywhere around here. I miss world-class coffee, housing-challenged philosophers, and reliable public transportation. I look for mountains and brilliant shades of green, but all I see is a recovering hurricane zone. Even though I live in a dorm where everybody keeps their doors closed, I keep mine open sometimes because it feels wrong to be cut off from the community. I feel like I've gone from a place where questioning was encouraged to a place where everyone is telling me to conform. Why am I here?

This new city has its own unique culture to be explored and I've already made some pretty amazing friends, but I don't think all of me has made it here yet. My heart is still lagging behind somewhere in Seattle.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Has It Really Been That Long

I kind of remembered tonight that I have a blog that hasn't been updated in almost two months :) Life's been really crazy lately. I left Washington at the end of July, spent a week with my family in Tennessee, and moved to Louisiana a little over a week ago. Life is getting better here everyday. I've made new friends, started classes, and found a really good ice cream shop. New Orleans can't make up for what I left behind, but it's doing a really good job of trying.
So there it is. My "I'm still alive" message. I'll try to put up some pictures tomorrow after I get out of class.