Friday, April 30, 2010

My First 5K

On Sunday morning, I ran in my first 5K race. It's been my goal for many years to be in one, but I never had the discipline or time to train. I guess that's still kinda true because I stopped training in March when school started to get tough. So, I guess in all truthfulness, I ran/walked my first 5K race on Sunday. Here are some pictures:

The race was officially named the "Run Forrest Run 5K" because it is sponsored by the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. It's one of the few races that happen in the French Quarter annually. The entry fees go to benefit Children's Hospital in New Orleans.

I rode down to the French Quarter with my friends Beth, Sarah, and David (who took the picture). We were planning on walking the entire thing, but the avid joggers in the crowd were so pushy we ended up running a little bit.

This is the race route that we took. I was able to run the first mile without stopping. I jogged/walked the next two miles on and off with a friend (pictured below).
Funny story: I was jogging along, noticing the abundance of pretty flowers were along the race route. My exact thoughts in were: "Oh, look at the pretty flowers. They smell so good. Wait. Lots of flowers means lots of pollen. I'm allergic to pollen. *insert your own four letter word here*" Although the pollen didn't affect my race very much, I had problems the next couple days.

This is Deb and me after the race. I trained with Deb the first month we were preparing for this, before I became a loser and stopped. We ended up finishing the race together, though. Go team!