Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Haps

Hey internet world. It's been a while. I would say I'm sorry, but I'm not. It feels good to take a hiatus every once in a while. A lot has happened since October. I'll try to give you the rundown without boring you to tears.

The Fall 2010 semester came and went. Last time I talked about surveys that I handed out on campus. That went well and I made an A on the paper it was for. I learned that college students don't really volunteer as much as they would like. Maybe if they had a few less papers to write...but possibly not even then. I ran into a lot of motivation issues. Overall, all I can say for my semester is that I survived. My friends noticed a drastic decrease in the amount of time I spent smiling and generally being happy, but I made it through.

Which leads into another big change that has me smiling more these days. I got a new job. I love the coffee shop that I worked at. I miss the people everyday. What I do not miss is rude customers, working odd hours, and never having a weekend off. Now, I work on campus as an office assistant for one of the important, head guys. The only con of this job is that I can't wear jeans. I used to live in jeans (although, Ronnie, I can still wear my sweaters.)

With the new job and the loss of constant stress that the former job caused, my new semester is going splendidly, even though I'm still taking an insane number of hours. For those who are geeks like me and want to know what I'm taking: systematic theology 1, transcultural communication, intro to new testament, a preaching class, and a class about Islam.

Speaking of Islam, I went to the Middle East near the end of last year. I loved every minute of it. I got to travel with and visit some of my wonderful friends who I am fortunate enough to have crossed paths with on this crazy adventure through school. I learned about culture, strategy, and theology. The stuff that I can use anywhere I go. I wasn't there long enough to miss it, but I miss it. The picture below is of the three of us who traveled together standing under some Roman-era columns. (The history major in me thought that it was pretty stinking awesome that they didn't care if you climbed all over their ancient artifacts.)

With that, I will wish you a good night. Extra down time may mean more communication in the future, but I've stopped making promises :) Toodles!